Reading Comprehension Lessons and the Common Core State Standards

Reading Comprehension Lessons and the Common Core Standards

“The Common Core State Standards offer a focus for instruction each year and help ensure that students gain adequate exposure to a range of texts and tasks.  Rigor is also infused through the requirement that students read increasingly complex texts through the grades.  Students advancing through the grades are expected to meet each year’s grade-specific standards and retain or further develop skills and understandings mastered in preceding grades.”

– Reading Standards for Literature K – 5, Common Core State Standards

“These standards are directed toward fostering students’ understanding and working knowledge of concepts of print, the alphabetic principle, and other basic conventions of the English writing system. These foundational skills are not an end in and of themselves; rather, they are necessary and important components  of an effective, comprehensive reading program designed to develop proficient readers with the capacity to comprehend texts across a range of types and disciplines. Instruction should be differentiated: good readers will need much less practice with these concepts than struggling readers will. The point is to teach students what they need to learn and not what they already know—to discern when particular children or activities warrant more or less attention.”

– Reading Standards Foundational Skills K – 5, Common Core State Standards

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