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6 Tools to Boost Reading Comprehension and Engagement

Engaged Readers with Book

Having a classroom full of students who are engaged in self-directed authentic reading activity is a favorite dream of teachers the world over. Now you can make that dream a reality.

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1. Use Bookmarks as Friendly Reminders of What Good Readers Do
It’s a fact of life, kids can be forgetful. Why not use give them something to help them remember what they should be doing during independent reading?

Print the friendly reading comprehension strategy bookmarks and leave them in your classroom library, or give them to students as a reward once you see them using the strategy effectively during whole group or small group instruction.

2. Get Your Students Writing About Reading
We have yet to meet a 6, an 8, or a 10 year old who doesn’t have an opinion. Now you can give them a way to voice their opinions about the books that they read.

Put the book review templates in your classroom library or create a “Student Review” binder to store blank templates and completed reviews. Students can tell their friends about the books that they enjoyed and the reasons why they would have left others on the shelf.

3. Tell Them to Go Read, Roll, and Talk
Turn chatter into a reading opportunity with the interactive game board and a set of dice.

When you challenge students to recall specific information from the books that they read, you’ll encourage them to practice reading comprehension strategies and practice talking about the work they’ve done while reading.

4. Get Them Reading Around the Library
Give each of your students the scavenger hunt to encourage them to read a wide variety of books.

Too often students get “stuck” reading from one or two book bins. Increase exposure to multiple genres and authors by challenging them with this independent activity they they can keep in their reader’s notebook or book bin.

5. Give them a Fluency Phone
There’s nothing like hearing the sound of your own voice. It makes most of us adults cringe, but kids get a kick out of it!

Use the step-by-step instructions to make fluency phones. Your students will be begging for a chance to practice reading out loud.

6. Send Fan Mail
Letter writing is quickly becoming a lost art. Encourage your students to keep the tradition of writing fan mail going with the friendly list of addresses for popular authors.

Even if the cost of stamp seems to change as often as the weather, you can be sure that the feeling your students get when they send fan mail to their favorite authors will be a memory that lasts forever.

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