Understanding Text Structure

Readers pay attention to the text structure in a book to help them understand the book better.

Understanding Text Structure

In  nonfiction book (books about real people and real events),  readers often find a variety of structures that authors use to tell a story.  Some of the text structures in nonfiction include photos, captions, graphs, maps, bold print, and a glossary.

When reading nonfiction, readers don’t always have to read the text first. It’s okay to look at the different text structures before reading the text.  Looking at pictures and reading the caption before  reading the text can be especially helpful because the pictures aid in comprehension.  Sometimes authors will use different text structures to tell a fictional story (books about pretend people and events).

Some of the different text structures that authors use when they write fiction include telling the story using letters, a dairy, a comic strip or from different points of view.  It is important that readers understand how to read many different text structures so that they will always be able to understand what you read.