Retell Readers retell to remember the important events and characters in a work or fiction or to remember the important information in nonfiction.  When readers retell they determine importance, evaluate the author’s message and connect new knowledge to known knowledge.  As a result some readers may include different details in their retellings.  However, it is important for readers to be able to identify the main idea and key events or information within a text.

Retelling Fiction
After a reader finishes reading a book about make believe characters and events, they think about the important characters, events and author’s message.  Readers  think about who the most important characters in the book were. They also think about what happened first, next, then and last.  Readers think about what the problem and solution were and about what the author was trying to tell them by writing this story.  Last readers think about what they learned from reading the book.

Retelling Non Fiction
After a reader finishes reading a book about real people or events that have happened in the world, they think about what is most important to remember.  Readers think about the most important events and people in the book and try to remember who was in the book, what happened, where the events happened, when the events took place and why things happened.