Fantastic Phonics & Word Study

Fantastic Phonics & Word Study

Fantastic Phonics and Word Stury IconFantastic Phonics & Word Study is a series of interactive lesson plans and activities that support phonemic awareness, phonics instruction, and word study using books that are easily found in most school or classroom libraries.  

These resources can be used as a supplement to our Thinking through Reading lesson plans or as a stand alone activity.

The Fantastic Phonics & Word Study lesson plans and activities provide an opportunity for readers to do the following:

  • Learn about words in the context of their reading
  • Talk about words with other readers
  • Practice using specific word parts and patterns
  • Interact with words in an engaging and meaningful way
  • Discover and attend to words in their independent reading

You Can Use the Fantastic Phonics & Word Study Series to Teach the Following

Click on each Phonics/Word Study focus to learn more

Hard / Soft C


Biscuit’s Fist Trip (/-y/ ending – sounds like /e/)

Chrysanthemum (/-ly/ ending)

First Day Jitters (/-ed/ ending)

The Kissing Hand (/-ed/ ending)


Stellaluna (long /e/ea, ee)


Have You Seen My Duckling? (match pictures to words / beginning consonant)

I Went Walking (match pictures to words / beginning consonant)

Initial Consonant Blends

Consonant Digraphs

The Lorax (ch, sh, th, wh, ph)

Long Vowel Digraphs

Diary of a Worm (/ai/ay/ea/ei/oa/ia/ie)

How a Seed Grows (/ai/ea/oa/ay)

High Frequency Words

Phonics Focus: Contractions

Word Families

Corduroy (ends in -igh)