Book Club

Book Club

Book Club by Reading Comprehension LessonsBook Club is a series of lesson plans designed to support small group reading instruction.

The Book Club packs provide teacher with instructional resources to support more sophisticated readers who are working to develop skills necessary for deep comprehension.



The Book Club packs provide an opportunity for readers to do the following:

  • Practice using advanced comprehension strategies
  • Express their thoughts about text, ask questions to clarify their thinking, and participate in respectful conversations about text
  • Take responsibility for their reading as a member of a group
  • Write about their reading
  • Reflect on their use of reading comprehension strategies as a tool to deepen their understanding of text

Balanced Literacy for Deep Comprehension

Talking about books is an essential activity for improving reading comprehension. When you provide students with an opportunity to engage in an inquiry based discussion about text, you encourage a deeper level of comprehension. This happens because students begin to share their own thinking as they  respond to the other students in their book club. Writing is also an integral factor in reading comprehension. When you combine literate discussion with writing about reading, students develop a deeper awareness of their own comprehension and begin to develop an arsenal of strategic behaviors that enable deep comprehension.

Book Club Packs are Available for the Following Titles

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