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Fantastic Phonics Lesson Plans

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We Make Teaching Phonics Lesson Plans as Simple as Click, Print, Teach

Phonics SamplePhonemic awareness and phonics have been identified by the National Reading Panel as essential to improving reading achievement.  For many teachers, teaching phonics lesson plans comes down to teaching isolated skills.  They give students a worksheet with examples of words that follow a specific phonics pattern or provide them with a collection of words to be sorted based on specific phonics rules.  This type of phonics lesson plan is often tedious and is not ever connected to real reading. believes that phonics lesson plans should happen in a meaningful context.  One of the easiest ways to provide students with a context in which to learn phonics is to provide them with a known text.  This text can work as a springboard for phonics lesson plans, making them more enjoyable for students.

For example, you might read Diary of a Worm once from beginning to end and then return to the book to focus on long vowel digraphs.  Through connecting phonics study to real text, students will begin to understand the importance of improving phonemic awareness.

The next step to providing students with meaningful phonics lesson plans is to provide them with an opportunity to engage with interactive practice.  Fantastic Phonics Lesson Plans include games that provide students with an opportunity to use their understanding of a phonics skill in a meaningful way.  The Fantastic Phonics Lesson Plans include materials and directions for games like memory,  go fish and bingo.

Last, Fantastic Phonics Lesson Plans provides teachers with worksheets to support additional practice with each comprehension strategy.  These worksheets might also be used as a tool for assessment.

We believe that every teacher should have the opportunity to introduce easy to use and fun phonics lesson plans into the classroom, and we strive to provide materials that support this goal.  Check out our Fantastic Phonics Lesson Plans page to learn more about our phonics lesson plans.

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